Wednesday, October 31, 2007

About the girls

Here's what the girls have been up to!

Elizabeth is in kindergarten now! She goes all day, every day. This makes for a very tired little girl by bedtime. She had a bit of a rough start and it took her a while to adjust to everything (leaving the babysitter she'd been with every day for two years.....spending all day with a bunch of strange kids.....being totally exhausted every day.....). But she seems to have settled in now. She likes her teacher, has 3 little friends she talks about pretty often, and always has a stories about someone in her class who's been naughty, which are usually pretty amusing.

She loves to play outside and climb trees and play on the monkey bars. She can go all the way across them by herself, and is learning to do flips on them, too.

Alexandra is going to be two in a month. She is busy busy busy! She loves to do everything herself ("me do do") and is talking a lot. She likes to know what everyone is doing and what they're talking about and will always ask "what you doing?" or "what you talking bout?". She's really funny a lot of the time and we are entertained by something she's doing or saying at least once a day.

Of course, being almost two, she has her moments of pure anger and frustration, too. We see her lay down on the floor a lot and we hear her screeching and screaming a lot. Fortunately, we can usually distract her, but not always. Elizabeth asked me the other day "why does she get do mad so fast?". If we only knew.

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