Monday, August 17, 2009

A visit and more doctor's appointments

Today was a momentous day in Alexandra's life: her preschool teacher came to our house for a before school home visit. *sniff sniff* How in the world is my baby old enough to be going to preschool???

The teacher comes to meet the kids in a familiar environment, so that they're not seeing them for the first time on the day mom and dad drop them off and leave them in a strange place for a couple of hours 3 days a week. So, the visit went interesting-ly. Alexandra was super shy and wouldn't talk to or look at Mrs. Olsen, but hey! I guess she's got 9 more months to get friendly with her.

She was also pretty excited this weekend because we went school clothes shopping for her for the very first time. So cute! She got a wild stripey dress with wild polka dot tights to "go" with it. Perfect for her personality, I think. Now, it just needs to not be 87 degrees and 92% humidity for her to be able to comfortably wear it.

In Elizabeth news, we've been spending a lot of time at the doctor's, and the Walgreen's pharmacy lately. Long long story short......the doctor thinks that she has asthma, which is brought on by/aggravated by infection. So if she gets a cold and it moves even remotely close to her chest, she starts coughing A LOT, and it sounds AWFUL. She sounds like she's 85 years old and has been smoking for 80 of those years. Right now she's taking her 3rd course of Prednisone tablets (she's getting really good at swallowing pills! So grown up!), an antibiotic (because after almost 2 weeks of Prednisone he lungs were still yucky), her Flovent inhaler in the morning and at night, and her Albuterol when she coughs a lot. Whew! We go back again Wednesday for another check. She's still coughing a lot, so we'll see.

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