Friday, September 4, 2009

It's the Little Things

I got a new phone way back in June. I got a Blackberry. Don't ask me why....I'm still not sure myself. But I got it, and I really like it! I can do all sorts of things on it that allow me to spend even less time either on the computer (I can read and delete my emails whenever!) or talking on the phone telling you what we've been up to ( Facebook is the Best. Ever.).

Once I got it I decided to become ORGANIZED. And to not only organize me, but Greg, too. We have a calendar book at home that we keep all of our social engagments in (well, those and the kid stuff.'s mostly kid stuff). But if we're out, or at work and we're not with the calendar, there's no way either one of us is going to remember that we have something planned for October 11th at 4:15 pm. I mean really - I can't even remember what day it is half the time. So anyway......I decided that I would utilize my email calendar and just do everything from there. And then it would also be on my BB (that's Blackberry for those of you not as technologically advanced as me).

But. No matter what I did, I could NOT get my BB to sync with my Yahoo! calendar. I tried reading the manual. I tried googling it. I tried taking the battery out and putting it back in. I even considered calling the Blackberry support people. Finally, I just gave up.

Then tonight, with a rare burst of "I am FIXING this thing" mind set, I tried again. I'm not sure what was different about tonight, but for some reason, I typed the correct combinations of words into google and......I FOUND THE ANSWER. AND I FIXED THE PROBLEM!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce, my calendar now appears on my pretty pink Blackberry Pearl. Happy sigh.

I always laugh when one of the kids gets really happy about something seemly small and inconsiquential and Greg will tell me "'s the little things, right?".

And today, it was!

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