Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Roll With the Changes........

It finally hit Alexandra today:
  • She will be starting preschool on Friday
  • One of her friends from daycare is in Kindergarten all day long now
  • One of her other friends from daycare is in Kindergarten every afternoon now
  • Elizabeth is back in school and will not be going to daycare with her now
  • She is now at daycare with one other kid: a just-two-year-old
  • She will be starting preschool on Friday

Did I mention: she's a bit upset about starting preschool on Friday.

After we got home today, much crying, whining, incoherent babbling and temper tantrum-ing commenced.

It seemed to come out of nowhere and we weren't sure what was going on until we finally got her to say she wanted sissy to come to school with her........poor kid! She finally calmed down when it was bathtime, and then things got ugly again at bedtime. Until she finally passed out from exhaustion.

I think Friday will go fine with her, since I'll be with her the whole time, but I'm getting really worried about Monday - the day we drive her there and drop her off. ALONE. I swear I WILL cry if she cries and I have to leave her like that. Ewwww. I feel a little sick just thinking about it. I don't really remember being this worried about Elizabeth (which doesn't mean much - I forget most things about an hour after they happen, but still......).

Please think happy preschool thoughts for us on Friday (and especially on Monday!). I think we'll be needing them.

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