Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let the Festivities Begin!!

Halloween is only 3 days away!

We have started the Halloween holiday at our house.

I am making yarn-witch hair for Elizabeth's costume.

I haven't quite finished with that horrifyingly time consuming super easy task.

Since it was very nice out today (Yes! We've had 2 nice days now this fall! Go us!), we carved our pumpkins.

When I say "we", I mean Greg and I.

OK. Mostly I mean Greg. The girls lost interest pretty quickly and went to play, and well.....I hate to touch pumpkin goo. So I got put in charge of going to pick up the pizza we ate for dinner.

After everyone designed their pumpkin faces we carved them.

Again, when I say "we", I mean Greg.

To give credit where it's due though, us girls did design our pumpkin faces all by ourselves.

from left to right above and below: mom's, alexandra's, dad's, elizabeth's

Then it was time for the kids to take a shower because they had gotten very dirty rolling around (literally) the yard while Greg was carving the pumpkin faces.

Tomorrow, the plan is to finish the witch hair and get Alexandra's costume ready for her Halloween party at school on Friday. And also, I need to watch The Office. Hmmmmm. Unless it's a rerun because the World Series has started......then I will not watch anything.

Anyway......I will update again after more activities have happened!

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