Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is it Time to Go Back to Work Yet? we are, on day 4 of Christmas vacation, and already, I am EXHAUSTED.  As Greg said on Friday:  "I can't wait to go back to work on Monday".  And that was only on day two.

OK, I am kidding......mostly.  But, because I work somewhere other than at home most days of the week, I forget how very tiring it is to be at home all day long with the girls.  When we're on "vacation", there are no routines, and that throws everything off.  When we're on "vacation", the kids do not sleep in.  Ever.  When we're on "vacation", the girls are together all the time.  And they fight. 

So........for vacation so far, here's what I have done:
  • Had Christmas.  Nuf said.
  • Went to see a movie with my mom, Greg and the girls.  I would tell you what I saw, but I'm too embarassed to admit that I actually went to see "Alvin & The Chipmunks, the Squeakuel", so I won't mention it.
  • Went for a ride on the Holly Jolly Trolly downtown.  Fun!
  • Went to a family Christmas party with my Dad's family.  Got to hold a new (ish) baby.  Decided in fact, I do still want another baby.
  • Watched while Greg fixed the leaky dishwasher.  Amazingly, nothing additional was broken in the process and no trips to Lowe's were required!
  • Ordered a new lens for my camera.  Yay!
Tomorrow is back to a bit more normal.....we will all get up early, the girls will go to the babysitter's, Greg will go to work, and I wll be ALL BY MYSELF!  ALL DAY LONG! 

Ahhhhhh.......the real vacation will begin!

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