Saturday, December 12, 2009

So This is Christmas.......

Well, I just arrived home after a looooong afternoon/evening of Christmas shopping.  Greg took the kids to his parents to visit, and I was going to use the time alone to clean the (very messy) house, but then realized that all my Christmas shopping needed to be done in 11 DAYS, and I had bought exactly 3 gifts, so I went shopping instead.
Besides wanting/needing to cut back $$ wise this Christmas, Greg and I are also very much wanting to not get the kids a bunch of stuff just to be giving them things.  So, we've thought long and hard about what they're getting this year, and I think we've come up with some pretty good things.  Good things that the girls will enjoy, actually play with, and hopefully be very surprised (in a good way) by.

I think after tonight, we might actually be just about finished with the shopping.  YIPPPEEEEEE!

And, I have to give a shout out to Greg:  One of my nieces wanted a BEDAZZLER (BEDAZZLERS are so cool, they warrant all capital letters every time I type the word) for Christmas, and wouldn't you know it - every.single. store in Kalamazoo that sells them was SOLD OUT.  Arg!  Isn't that always the way:  at least one thing on my shopping list every Christmas has to be my nemesis*, and this year, it was the BEDAZZLER.  Anyway......she wanted a BEDAZZLER, and there were none to be found.  Anywhere.  But my man Greg went into a Michaels down near his parents house, and guess what?  You got it - he found a BEDAZZLER.  Way to go Greg!  You are my hero!

*You know.....seriously, it happens every year.  I think I might even have to create a post about this at some point.

Back to my story.  I think we're just about done with the shopping.

Elizabeth is getting Julie (an American Girl doll), a cute outfit, 2 games for her DS, a starter knitting set and an American Girl jewlery making kit (for her doll).

Alexandra is getting a nice wooden dollhouse, a cute outfit, a Polly Pocket set, a room-changing kit for her dollhouse and one more not-yet-decided gft.

So....not a ton, but the stuff is stuff we KNOW they will like and play with.  I know that they're going to have a bit of a let down on Christmas morning, because they'll be hoping for piles and piles of gifts, but besides the reasons above for not wanting to just get a bunch of useless stuff, we also want to teach them that Christmas is not all about gimme gimme gimme....but that it's also about spending time with your family and friends. 

Happy Holidays!  I hope you have your shopping almost done too.

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Michelle Pixie said...

I don't think your girls will be disappointed at all! My girls are getting an art table (because momma's tired of the kitchen table covered with all of their projects...I can't remember the last time we all sat down at it together?!). I think it may be more of a gift for me but I can't wait for Santa to deliver it (well it's sitting in a box in the garage and needs to be put together!). Yay for being done with the shopping! I am too so now I guess I have no excuses to clean the house. *sigh*