Friday, January 15, 2010

Letters of Intent 1-15-10

Hooray hooray!  It's finally Friday, and we all know what that means:  Letters of Intent!  This is a fun blog carnival hosted by Julie at Foursons.

After you've read my (not-so-sarcastic-this-week) letter, head over to her blog to read some other fantastic letters!

Letters of Intent

Dear Elizabeth and Alexandra,

Even though I see you every single day, I still find it so very hard to believe that you are already 7 and 4.  It really (really!) feels like just a couple of weeks ago that I brought each of you home from the hospital. 

I am writing to ask you:  please, please, please, please, please:  don't grow up too fast.

Except, it's already happening.  So maybe, please slow down a little bit.

I am asking you because a few years back, when I would be sitting with you, in your dark room, in the middle of the night nursing you for the 4th time that night, I would think to myself:  "I can't wait to be able to sleep all night long again".  But now?  Now I miss those times.  Because even though I was so very tired, you were so warm and snuggly and sweet.  And now one of you is too big to sit with me in the rocking chair and the other one of you is almost there.

I am asking you this because even though, in the middle of hearing "Mom", "Mama" and "Mommy" for the one million-th time in 15 minutes, and listening to you argue over who's going to push who through the house on the Doramobile car makes me feel frazzled and tired and stressed, I now know that I will miss those times in 10 years when you're both teenagers and won't want to have anything to do with me.

So, let's make a pact:  if you slow down with the growing up thing, I will make sure that I savor all of my time with you (even the less than fun times) because I know none of them - the good or the bad - will last long enough.




Rachel said...

Awww! I hate the feeling of thinking that I'll miss something if I blink! Our kiddos grow up far too fast! Tell 'em to slow down!

Foursons said...

You are so right on this one. How I miss rocking my sweet babies who fit in the crook of my arm and snuggled their little heads in my neck. My arms used to ache with fatigue from holding them. Now...I pick up a 40 lb child and try to snuggle. It's just not quite the same.

Thanks for linking up- I hope those girls listen to this letter for you!

Momma Pixie said...

So, So Sweet! Thank you for that beautiful reminder because it is all happening way too fast!!