Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank You Very Much - 2/18/10

The Daily Dribbles

Well, because I'm such a slacker I've been so busy, it's been waaaay too long since I've done a Thank You Very Much, so I figured that it was time again.  I mean, I keep starting them, and then before I finish, I end up going to bed (I typically do them the night before), and then when I remember again, it's Saturday, and way past Thursday.

But anyway, here I am again, so after you're done reading my Thank Yous, head on over to KMama's to see what she (and the people who have linked with her!) have to be thankful for!

To all you annoying people at work, annoying me with your annoyingness.....Thank you very much!

To the sun, who deceived me into thinking it would be a good idea to go for a walk after work because it was so sunny out, but didn't really warm anything at all and in fact made me VERY COLD.....Thank you very much!

To my scale for never lying and always making me feel bad.....Thank you very much!

To Meijer, for charging me twice for one transaction, and then taking 5 days to fix your mistake.....Thank you very much! 

To Photoshop Elements, for being so darn confusing, and demanding so much more time than I have to give to you.....Thank you very much!

Well....there you have it!  A pretty tame week, if you ask me.  Remember, go to KMama's to read what she has to be thankful for!

Happy Thursday!


Kmama said...

LOL at the "annoying people for their annoyingness". That is GREAT!!

What's confusing you about PSE? I just got it, but I also know and play with Photoshop too. I'm not an expert or anything, so just know that!!

Thanks for linking up!

Michelle Pixie said...

I have to agree with PSE it can be a little overwhelming at times but I figure as long as I am not messing with the original photo I can't screw anything up too bad and I just have a go at it. ;) I am going to look into taking a class to help me out at and maybe that will make it a whole lot less confusing!