Saturday, March 20, 2010

Completely Unrelated and Random Thoughts

Right now I am supposed to be preparing for this big thing I have on Monday (more on that later), but here I am, telling you about how I should be doing that, instead of doing this.

Also, I am kind of watching the movie "Rush Hour 3" on TNT.  Not a great movie, in case you were wondering.

Elizabeth and Alexandra are sleeping together upstairs in Elizabeth's bed tonight.  They started out in sleeping bags in Elizabeth's closet, and ended up in her bed.  Shockingly, they fell asleep pretty quickly.  Well, after Alexandra complained that Sissy was touching her face, nose and hair and I threatened to move her to her own bed.

It's spring now, and it's snowing here.  I am really sick of snow.  Plus, I'm really cold.

I bought three new shirts and a new pair of shoes this weekend.  All on sale!

We went to the Home Expo today with my mom.  The kids got their faces painted.  We had mom over for dinner after and we ate my totally yummy (if I do say so myself) beef and broccoli stir fry.

I am FINALLY caught up on laundry.

We leave for Chicago in 5 days! 

We ate at Sonic the other day.  Elizabeth said she wanted to work there when she was older because she's a really good rollerskater (she's not).

Everyone at Elizabeth's school, including her teacher, seems to be calling her "Lizzy" now.  I am not sure how I feel about this.  On one hand, I named her Elizabeth because I like that name, so that's what I call her.  On the other hand, she likes to be called Lizzy, so.....I guess that's what she should tell people to call her.

I have learned, through the miracle of TV, that most things magicians do involve trap doors.

Have a lovely Sunday! 


Michelle Pixie said...

Can you come work on my laundry?! :D

Diva's teacher started calling her a nickname at the beginning of the school year and the whole class was soon to follow and at first I was okay with it because it is the nickname we call her at home. Then the teacher started to ask how we spelled it so that she could start writing it on her things (there is a little boy with the same name as my daughter in her class) to make it easy for everyone and I had to put my foot down. That stuff sticks! She's only in kindergarten and I can see her in HS with no clue on how to spell her name because they've all been calling her by this dumb nickname and now I am over it. Next year we will not be allowing the teacher to call her by a nickname. :) I love my daughter’s name and that is what we need to call her by!

Jodi said...

Hi Jodi ~ I was researching some relatives for my sister's trip to Ireland this spring and came across your post. (I'm a different Jodi Thornton that lives in Arizona FBO other readers to this blog). I just wanted to comment that your daughter liking to be called Lizzie is a natural part of asserting her independence and if you allow her to go with it, when she gets in high school where she wants to sound more sophisticated, she'll revert back to Elizabeth. My son went through this with the spelling of his name (he insisted on Will from Wil) and even went through a phase where he wanted to honor his complete family heritage with his name, insisting upon being called William Patrick Thornton Chalice Epley Smith (the last 3 additions by him to honor various relatives on Dad's side of the family). I've seen it again and again with friends who preferred "cuter" versions of their names in grade school and reverting back to the melodious-sounding more sophisticated names they were given when they reach high school. Best regards!