Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well, I have to say it:  I now have 5 followers.  Wow.

Thanks Ally!

And thanks Mom!  We'll have to show Aunt Betty how to follow so I can have six.

Thanks y'all.  Seriously!  You have kept me feeling like a complete and total reject (Which today, really means something since I was informed that I was not hired for a position in my company that I interviewed for last week.  Which I knew I wouldn't get because I had zero experience for it and knew two other people who were interviewing for it did so I'm not suprised, or even disappointed, but still.  It feels a little yucky to not be "wanted".  Kind of like I wasn't picked for the kickball team.  Wow - sorry.....did I just say all that out loud?)



Michelle Pixie said...

I'd pick ya for my kick ball team! Oh wait you probably don't want to play with me...I am not so good at coping with things flying throught the air at my head. ;-) WooHoo on the followers!!

Foursons said...

I'll pick ya' for my kickball team too! I totally understand what you're saying and it does stink to feel like that.

And yes I noticed that you started following me yesterday. I got bogged down editing my son's college essay and didn't get a chance to come by and visit. Count me as your newest NON FAMILY follower! Woohoo!!!

Michelle Pixie said...

Hey Girly, I tagged you in a little game over at my place! ;-)