Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Wish.......

  • That Greg would take the gum out of his pockets before I wash his clothes.  Because picking small pieces of Big Red out of the washing machine totally sucks.
  • I had a Diet Coke machine (fountain, not bottle) in my house so I wouldn't have to go to the gas station or McDonald's every time I wanted a Diet Coke.
  • I wouldn't have lost my pink sunglasses.
  • I only needed 4 hours of sleep a night.  I would be so much more productive.
  • I was skinny skinny skinny.
  • I had the willpower to get skinny skinny skinny.
  • There was good stuff on TV every night.  Not just some nights.
  • That I had long, pretty fingernails.
  • The papercut was never invented.  I have about 4 on my hands right now and they HURT.
  • My basement was clean and organized.
  • That I could throw things away.  It would make the basement wish much easier to attain.
  • People used the term "rat farts" more regularly.
  • I had a nice singing voice.
  • I was a multi millionaire.  Sorry.  I had to say it.


Foursons said...

Oh rat farts. I wish I was skinny, skinny, skinny too!

Michelle Pixie said...

I've never heard anyone say rat farts. Hehehehehe Rat Farts!

*SIGH* I wish I was skinny, skinny, skinny too!! Oh and the money would be nice as well. ;-)