Tuesday, July 20, 2010


God Lord, where have I BEEN?  I am not quite sure where the time goes anymore.  Tell me it gets better....please?

So a lot has happened over the last week.  But honestly?  I can't remember any of it.  Except tonight.

Tonight, I told Elizabeth WHERE BABIES COME FROM.  That's where the GAH! title came from.

Our decision to tell her was based on a couple of things.  First, at her doctor's appointment last month, the doctor mentioned periods and breasts.  Breasts?  Not a big deal.  She already knew about those.  Periods?  GAH!  News to her.  Of course, she asked "what?", so I told her.  Also, I was afraid that she would go to school in the fall and some kid on the playground would blab about it.  Rather than have her hear a bunch of incorrect information, we figured we (and of course by "we", I mean "me") should just tell her.

So, with the help of a book, it happened.

It went pretty well, actually.  I did not act embarassed or ashamed (and surprisingly didn't even feel that way), and made sure that I menioned  being married and being in love as part of the process.  She seemed OK with it all - curious, but not horrified (I'm sure that will come later).  She didn't ask any questions, although I asked if she had any and I told her she could ask me whatever she wanted whenever she wanted to.  I also asked her to let me be the one to tell her sister - I told her Alexandra was still too young to learn about that stuff and when she was old enough, I wanted to be the one to tell her. 

So that's that.  One of life's more horrifying moments, DONE!  And it was not horrifying at all. 


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