Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dog Pedicure

So if you have a dog, you know that their nails grow and need to be cut every once in a while (I didn't - for real!).  Because if they're not, when they jump on you, their nails scratch you so hard they leave bruises.

Anyway, I bought a nice pair of clippers because they showed me how to cut her nails at the vet and it looked super duper easy!

But then I discovered that Trixie knew what nail clippers were and whenever I got them out she hid in difficult to reach places because apparently she didn't like to have her nails clipped.

I finally gave up and took her to one of those big pet stores to have them do it.

Well.  Let me just say:  muzzles, Trixie, and 3 employees holding her down to clip her nails did NOT go well.

I gave her a month or so of respite, but her nails reached critical lengths again, so that time, I took her to a different big pet store.  That visit was MUUUUUCH better. 

Trixie does not respond to people wanting something from her and at the same time being nice and touchy and feely with her - she needs an alpha to dominate.

(Ha ha!  Didn't I just sound like a real "dog person" there??)

Anyway, if you want Trixie to do something (sit, quit jumping on you, drop the stuffed animal she's chewing on....) you need to be pretty straightforward and no nonsense with her. 

So the lady at the 2nd pet shop was great.  She took control and didn't mess around.  Trixie figured out pretty quickly that her nails were getting clipped, so she'd better just settle down and get on board.

Today was round #3 in the nail clipping saga.  I took her back to the last place and Oh! No!  The lady who did her nails the last time wasn't working.

I should have just left - I don't know why I didn't - but I should have.

Also, I had Alexandra with me (anyone with a 4 year old knows how "helpful" they are when you're out and dealing with a somewhat stressful situation).

To make this already long story short, here are the highlights:
1.  One of Trixie's nails bled (ew!)
2.  Alexandra almost wet her pants
3.  I got very sweaty trying to help
4.  3 out of 20 nails got cut
5.  We were sent home and told "Chell works can come back then"

Poor, poor Trixie.  It's gotta be tough being her.

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Michelle Pixie said...

Oh no you poor thing! Sounds like it was tough for everyone involved.