Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yes, I Fell Off the Face of the Earth

And, I'm pretty sure I will be staying there for a bit longer.

As I have said the last few (and far between) posts, things have been super busy around here.  Seems as though starting a new job, making sure your mother gets moved into a new house and having a 2nd child start school is more than even I can handle.

Go figure.

Pretty much all I have energy for at night after the kids are bed, lunches are made and laundry is washed is to sit on the couch and not think.

In my old life (at my previous, super easy job) I had all sorts of time during the day to check in on my internet friends to see what was going on and even to comment on their blogs.  Now?  Well, I actually have to work from the time I get to work until it's time to go home.  I might have 3 or 4 minutes to check in real quick and read what's going on, but that's about it.  So please don't think that I have forgotten about any of you, because I haven't!  I just need to make sure my priorities are set in the right place.  And you know....the internet is down pretty far.

On an unrelated, but also overwhelming note, please pray, think healing thoughts, whatever you do, for one of my friends.  Her husband was in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday and he passed away today.  He was 35.  My heart is breaking for's just so sad.

Until I find some more time!  XO

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Foursons said...

Don't worry, we'll be here when you get back. Sorry to hear about your friend's husband. What a tragedy.