Saturday, November 13, 2010

One Month!

Well hello!

It's been almost one whole month since I last checked in with are you?

Things are the same here.  Busy.  And I've pretty much felt like besides that, there's really nothing else to tell you about.  So I haven't really been around.  Even though now there's probably no one that even checks back anymore, since it's been so long.  But that's OK.

I've also been feeling like I should be spending my time on other things, like interacting with my husband and stuff, rather than spending a bunch of time on the internet.

But he went into work tonight, so I have some free time, and here I am!  Yes, it's Saturday night, and yes, he went into work, but he had to stay home Friday with Elizabeth because she was throwing up, so he's behind and wants to get caught up before Monday.  I know the feeling - I had to stay home with Alexandra on Wednesday because SHE was throwing up and it took me until Friday to get caught up.  It's not easy for me to go into work at night like it is for him.  First, I work a bit farther away from home than he does.  It's not far, maybe 15 minutes, but he literally works 4 minutes from our house.  Also, my work is much larger and there are security guards and stuff there during non business hours, and since it's so big, when most of the lights are turned off it's super spooky there.

Anyway, speaking of my new job, things are going really well with it.  I felt like I was drowning at first, but the last few weeks I've really caught on.  Also, one of the things I was tasked with when I was hired for this position was to "get my customer under control".  Obviously I had said "Well, of COURSE I can do that"  although I wasn't really sure what it meant.  And then I did.  Without totally boring the two of you who have actually returned to see how I am, we have date ranges that our customers need to order their stuff within.  That way, we can plan for material, and also for our manufacturing plant's capacity.  Well, my customer pretty much ordered what they wanted, when they wanted.  They didn't care if it was withint the date ranges we have set or not - they needed their stuff and they needed it now.

But, they've actually been behaving really well for the last couple of weeks.  I know that they'll have some bad days sometimes and drive me crazy, but that's OK because they are not the norm anymore.

Well, enough about me.  On to the people you really care about - Elizabeth and Alexandra!

They're both fine.  I mentioned they were both sick this week, and that totally sucked (especially since Elizabeth seemed to forgot how to make it to the bathroom in time and threw up on the couch, the floor and the floor again).  But they're seeming to be OK now.  Whew.  Hopefully now Greg and I don't get it.

We went to their conferences last week, and they're both doing well.  Elizabeth had A's and B's, and Alexandra did well too (no letter grades in Young 5's).

I bought their Christmas dresses last weekend, and have a pretty good idea what I want to do for our Christmas card this year; I just need to find an hour or so when everyone is well and wide awake and in a good mood so I can take the pictures for it.

The girls' redecorated bedrooms are finally done....they look super cute and fit their personalities.  Alexandra was upset that the rocking chair from her room is now gone (we had rocked her in that chair almost every night of her life), but it went to Grandma's, so it's not totally gone.

The craft room......well, it's still a work in progress.  I have most of the stuff in it now, but it's not really organized and it's still a huge mess.  But I am glad that we did it.

And, I think that is it, for my latest boring update.

Happy weekend to you all!

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