Monday, January 31, 2011

Here Comes the Snow!

**Please sing the title line in the same tune as "Here Comes the Sun"......aren't I clever?

I live in Michigan.  Granted, southern Michigan, but still Michigan.  Michigan is in the north.  Also, surrounded by giant lakes that combined with wind, make lake effect snow.  Those two factors alone guarantee that every single winter, for a good three months, we have snow.  And lots of it.  Depending on where in the area you live, you might have 75 inches of snow each year. 

This year, we've been pretty lucky.  Not too much snow, and hardly any of those "horrible" days where it's snowing AND blowing AND 11 below.

But folks, they tell me it's coming.

Who is they?  I don't know.  But I like to say it because my Grandma always used to say "Well, they say......" and then go on to tell me something.  And I would always say "Who are they?" and laugh.  And she would laugh too.  I miss my Grandma.

Anyway, in this case "THEY" are everyone. 

Apparently, we are in for 10-16 inches in about 12 hours, and 20-30 mph winds, and cold temps.  Brrr.  I am shivering just typing it.  Either because of that, or the fact that I won't allow anyone in my house to turn the thermostat up above 64 degrees.  Whatever.  I am shivering.

They say it's going to snow, and a lot.  The kids are pretty much planning on having Wednesday off school, and I am even getting sucked in, hoping I get a snow day too.  I am planning on going to work tomorrow and ask people who have been there a long time if we ever close.  I hope so!

Even though it's supposed to be a big one, I say "Keep your shirts on people!  We live in Michigan.  It snows here.  Sometimes a lot.  Sometimes it's a pain to drive in, but we have a lot of snowplows and salt trucks and they do a pretty good job keeping things clear for us.   IT WILL BE OK".

Hopefully though, we don't loose power.  Now that?  THAT would blow.

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