Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ho Ho....Holy Cow, it's almost Christmas!

Today was the annual visit to the most Christmas-y of guessed it - THE MALL!

The girls were all set to visit Santa (one of his helpers, of course - we all know the Santa at the mall isn't the REAL Santa) and tell him what they were hoping for this Christmas. Elizabeth wanted Webkinz, and Alexandra wanted a Sleeping Beauty Vanity and a Sleeping Beauty dress.

After arriving at the mall, we discovered that Santa was tired and taking a break - he would be back in about 1/2 hour. No one was in line. Good! So, we went to get some dinner. After eating, we followed the happy sounds of small children screaming and their parents yelling at them. We knew we were getting close! Finally, we were there - along with about 20 other families and their kids. Uh oh.

No worries - I wandered around the mall with the girls while Dad stood in line. After about 45 minutes, it was our turn.

I should add at this time that for the last two years, Alexandra has flat out refused to go near Santa. This year, she said she wasn't going to sit on his lap, but she was going to stand next to him.'s just about our turn. Finally, the family in front of us (yes....the entire family) was done getting a portrait taken with Santa and IT WAS OUR TURN!!!!!!!

Elizabeth ran to his lap and hopped up. Mom got the camera out, ready to snap the perfect photo of her girls with Santa, and then once again, Alexandra refused to go near him, burying her face in dad's legs.

Santa asked Elizabeth what she wanted, and she told him she wasn't going to tell him because she wanted it to be a surprise. He laughed...and then talked her into telling him she wanted a Webkinz.

So, tonight I got a beautiful picture of Elizabeth with Santa, another cute memory of Alexandra refusing to go near him, a very exhausting visit to the mall and that happy Christmas-y feeling in my heart.

Merry Christmas! :) XOXO

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