Sunday, December 28, 2008

We survived Christmas.......did you?

It is now 3 days after Christmas, and we are all still alive! Santa was good to everyone, and the girls had a fun time. Alexandra got her Sleeping Beauty Vanity and Elizabeth got her Easy Bake Oven (she said "I finally have my very own oven!!" cute is that??).

We did all sorts of fun stuff for the holidays this year.....we made popcorn balls (good at first, really yucky the next day), made cookies, went to see the lights downtown, went ice skating and put reindeer food out on Christmas eve.

Making our cookies......

Ice skating......

We spent Christmas eve at Grandma's house, along with her other grandkids. My niece is also visiting from out of state, so we had the added excitement of having her for Christmas. After Grandma's, we took our usual drive through Christmas Card Lane (not as exciting as it used to be) and the Winchell neighborhood. We added a stop this year - we found a house earlier that has every exterior Christmas decoration ever made in their yard. It is the brightest, gaudiest house we have ever seen! The girls loved it!
We went back to Grandma's for Christmas day and then hung out at home all weekend. All in all a very nice Christmas.

In other strange news, it really warmed up this weekend - it was almost 60 degrees on Saturday. It rained all day, so we couldn't really enjoy it, but at least all the snow is gone! It's cold again now, but I'll take what I can get.
I hope you also had a wonderful time! XOXOX

The Easy Bake Oven and The Sleeping Beauty Vanity!

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