Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year's a little late, but Happy New Year anyway!

I decided for 2009 to take at least one picture a day - it can be of anything, really. The kids, something I or we did that, whatever! I was talking to someone who did it last year and she said that it's really neat to look back at all the pictures at the end of the year because it gives you a good view of your everyday life.

Of course, I didn't decide that until today so I'm already a day late, but that's OK. Plenty of time to catch up, right?

So, here's my first picture of the year. It's of my littlest one's bed....and all the blankets she gets under every night. There are four (all a big mess right now), and about 15 stuffed animals (notice one laying under the bed). There's barely any room for her in there, but I guess she likes it nice and cozy.

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