Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Elizabeth and Alexandra are taking swimming lessons. They've both been doing them for a while, but the important thing this time is that Elizabeth is now in the "level 2" class, which means she can sort of swim on her own and that they mostly work on mastering different strokes (just the crawl and backstroke, mostly).....and Alexandra is taking a lesson without Mom or Dad being in the pool with her!!!! To be honest, it was always Dad in the pool with her, but still - she's going alone! This is the first class she's taken - gymnastics or swimming - that she's been by herself. Of course, we're right by the pool so she can see us and talk to us (which she does all the time.....very cute!!), but she's in there with the teacher and other kids. It's so grown up - I almost cried the first class!

Elizabeth got her report card on Friday....she did fantastic, because she is :) X O. We tell her we will be happy with whatever she gets, as long as she tries her best. We are very proud of her.

We are starting to talk to Alexandra about going to preschool in the fall. We want her to be used to the idea in case it actually happens. I am torn about it - I want her to go because I think she'll have a very good time.....but I'm also sad because I can't believe my baby will be 4 years old in the fall. Sigh. Time goes by so fast.

That is mostly it for us! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying what you are doing. :) XO

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