Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello! It's me again!

Hi....sorry.....been busy again.

Most of our news is from Elizabeth. She has had a very very exciting month!

First, she did not pass her vision test at school, so we took her for an eye exam, and she got her first pair of glasses over spring break! She picked them out herself, and she looks totally cute in them!

Then, she lost another tooth - one of her molars in the back of her mouth! The tooth fairy was held up the night she lost it, but made up for it by leaving Elizabeth $5 instead of the usual $1 the next night.

When it was finally time to go back to school, she was STAR PERSON OF THE WEEK! She was sooooo excited! She got to keep Edgar the Elephant all spring break.

THEN......and here's the biggest news of all......she won a brand new bike at school!!!! March was National Reading month, and at her school students were able to fill out an entry ticket for every 50 pages they read. Elizabeth read just under 700 pages and got a lot of entries. The Monday they came back from break, a boy name and a girl name were drawn during morning assembly, and Elizabeth's won!!!! The bikes were donated by Meijer, and she got to pick out her favorite.

She picked out a cool black and pink one with brakes on the handles. So grown up!

Have a great day! :) XO

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