Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Last weekend (well, two weekends ago now) Borgess had their annual Run for the Health of it. Friday night was the Kid's Fun Run and I registered both girls for it. Elizabeth went with Aunt Betty last year, and this year the three of us went with her and Grandma.

It was a beautiful day for it - nice and sunny, kind of warm, and a little breezy. Both girls were really excited to run a mile, although I wasn't sure either one of them would make it.

It was very busy when we got there....and before the run started the announcer said that 1500 kids had registered! Plus, all of those kids had adults with them, so there were TONS of people there:

We were in the young group, so we were last to go (so no one would trample us!), but before we even hit the starting line, both of the kids were off!

I hadn't planned on running an entire mile - I mean, that's a really long way! But, the fear of losing one or both of the girls kept me going. Elizabeth finished before we did and actually ran most of the way. Alexandra finished too, but her rythym was more of a "run....stop....cry.....run....stop.....cry......" than just running. But, we all made it to the finish line, and both girls got a ribbon!

So, we had a good time....got some exercise....and some blue ribbons. No better way to spend a Friday night, right?


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