Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ah Low Ha A!

Elizabeth's birthday is next month. And being 6, soon to be 7, she is VERY excited about it. If anyone asks her how old she is, she'll tell them "I am 6 3/4".

We get a magazine in the mail everyone once in a while with birthday party supplies in it, and after looking through it one day, she decided a while ago that she wanted a Kitten party. We went to the local party store today to see if they had any kitten stuff, and even though they didn't, be assured that we did not leave empty handed!

After looking through everything, I suggested that maybe, since she's having a pool party, she might like to have a luau party. Usually, she chooses the opposite of whatever I suggest, but today decided that a luau would be cool. I guess sometimes I do have good ideas after all!

So, we have our invitations to give out at school (about 6 weeks early, just in case!), and our cake eating supplies. No balloons today; we'll get those a while later.

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