Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Field Trip, Family Style

Elizabeth had her last field trip of the year last week, and due to some unplanned events, grandma, Elizabeth, Alexandra and I all got to go.

We went to the fish haven't lived until you've visited a fish hatchery on a nice, hot summer day with 26 first graders! Actually, they were all very well behaved and I think everyone had a pretty good time. And in true Elizabeth fashion, when I asked her what her favorite part of the day was, she told me "getting to leave school early". Alexandra did well too, until the end....when it was her nap time. She left a little early with grandma.

Doesn't Elizabeth look cute with her pony tails?

In other exciting family news, Alexandra got some new sneakers. Mostly I mention this because of this really cute picture:

I think it's very cute/hilarious that even though it has GOT to be uncomfortable to wear shoes on the wrong feet, she insists that "no Mommy, they feel fine". It must be a kid thing - Elizabeth still does it sometimes too and doesn't notice. I can't even have the seam on one of my socks crooked - I would never be able to wear my shoes on the wrong feet.

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