Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Blogs Do You Read?

I started to write a blog so that the people we don't see very often, yet are still sort of interested in us, could keep up with what we're doing. I am horrible about keeping in touch with people, and most of the time I spend on the phone is with my mom. I don't write anyone, I don't email anyone....I basically ignore most everyone. Not because I don't care (I do! Really!) - it's because if I do manage to get on the phone with someone, I am immediately needed for something really important, like putting a dress on a Polly Pocket, or it's 11:00 and I'm just sitting down after finishing laundry, dishes and packing stuff for the next day and I figure whoever it is I might want to talk to is already sleeping, like a sane person.

I think about 4 or 5 people might read what I have to say, but there are some blogs out there, being written by regular people like me, that millions of people read. One of the ones I follow recently got it's 12 millionth hit. WOW. I find the blogs I follow through other blogs that I've read. Most "popular" bloggers have links to all sorts of other blogs and if I enjoy what they have to say, I'll keep up with it.

So, in no particular order, here's who I am keeping up with: HA! Got you with that one, didn't I? Written by a guy who's wife has cystic fibrosis and had a double lung transplant last year, shortly after giving birth to their daughter at 24 weeks. Written by a mom of three who lost a baby last year shortly after birth to Trisomy 18. Written by a mom of four who's youngest child is 6 months old and has heart problems. Lots of awesome pictures too, because she's also a photographer. Written by a mom to a 3 month old who was born with a severe genetic skin disease, and who lost a baby last year to the same thing.

As you can see, they're all written by parents and are about their kids, which is what got my attention to begin with, but I continue to follow them because they're all very well written (to me).

I have several actual friend blogs that I also follow, but figured that since I didn't come across them through other blogs that I would leave them off the list. The ones listed above are VERY public and have tons of people following them.

So, that's where I go when I want to find out how people I have never met, never spoken to, never will meet or never speak to are doing!

That makes me sound kind of creepy, doesn't it?

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kelly said...

You didn't list randomkellyblogspot? Ha lol!