Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Other Member of Our Family

This is Quinn. He is our cat.

He's getting kind of old now....he'll be 10 in the fall. And, he's been struggling with his weight a bit, but I think that happens to us all, doesn't it? He's a scare-dy cat - he's afraid to go outside, even though he really wants to. To his credit, he tries about once a summer, but it never works out for him.

He does some really annoying things sometimes, but he's also very sweet and has put up with two little babies who cried a lot who have turned into little girls who still cry sometimes, and try to pick him up and pet him constantly.

I fall asleep with him laying next to me every night, and when I wake up in the morning, he's always laying at the top of the stairs, keeping guard over us.

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