Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Creepy Eye

**Beware! This post contains a very creepy image!**

Now that you've been warned, I invite you to hear the story of The Creepy Eye........

About a month or so ago, Alexandra came home one day and said "look what I can do!" and proceeded to cross her eye. Yes....you did read it right - she crossed ONE of her eyes. Of course, I started laughing because it looked really strange, and in the spirit of all kids everywhere, getting a laugh out of someone is all the encouragement they need to start doing whatever got the laugh ALL THE TIME.

Shortly after crossing her eye and making me laugh, she did it again. Then she did it again. And again. And. Again.

Finally, I pulled out the mother of all momisms: "Alexandra, don't do that anymore. Your eye will stick like that". I know. I don't know why I said it....but I can only think I must be genetically programmed to. Whatever the reason, it didn't work. Like I'm sure it doesn't work for most mothers who say it.

Since that didn't work, I decided to tell her that she looked really creepy when she did it, and it has stuck. Now, frequently, Alexandra will say "Mom. Look at my creppy eye." And she'll cross her one eye.

I took a picture of it thinking that when she graduates from high school, it will be a good embarassing picture to haul out for everyone to see.

I think it turned out surprisingly well, and it very much shows The Creepy Eye.

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