Friday, October 9, 2009

Alexandra's Big Day

Well.....our little girl had a big Wednesday this week!

First, her very first school field trip! Her class went to the apple orchard, and she was very excited about it. Especially because she was pretty sure she was going to get to ride on a TRACTOR!

No ride, but I did take her picture near a tractor:

We got to go on a hayride:

We got to pick an apple:

And we got to eat a donut:

It was very cold and windy, but we had a very good time!

Later that night, she got to take us back to her school for an open house/family fun night.

Family fun night at preschool is time for her to see her friends, us to meet the other families...and best of all, pick up the many tubs of fundraiser cookie dough that daddy sold to all the people he works with.

Alexandra enjoyed showing us around her room and playing a bit.....and even Elizabeth had a good time - one of her friends' little brothers goes to Alexandra's school, so she was there with him. She and Elizabeth kept each other entertained.

After looking around inside, there were games outside.

Pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern (Alexandra, not peeking):

A really fun (read: dangerous) pinata - notice the dad standing near by....frightened that he will be smacked by the pole:

Face painting:

An eat-the-donut-from-a-string-without-touching-it game:

Being really cute:

Alexandra was nice and tired by the time we got home. A very fun day!

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