Sunday, October 18, 2009

What in the World Have We Been Up To?

Well.....really, not too much. Even though we're never really "doing" anything, it feels like we're super busy ALL.THE.TIME.

Is it like that for everyone else, too? Or am I just a horrible manager of my/our time?

Hold on. Don't answer that.

So anyway, the last week has been filled with all sorts of normal every day stuff for us.
We have gone to school and had a REAL LIVE FIRE TRUCK VISIT! (And when the fireperson asked "who do you call if there's a fire?", we yelled out: "991!" )

We went for walks around the neighborhood and looked for cool things to take pictures of with my new camera:

We got an infected ear piercing and had to do super duper disinfecting two times a day with all sorts of stuff:

And we played.
I hope your week was as good as ours.

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