Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at School

So.....once you have kids, all those work vacation days you used to use for, well, vacations get used for much more important things. Like Preschool Halloween Costume Parties and 2nd Grade Harvest Festivals (if your child happens to go to a school that doesn't celebrate Halloween).

Which is fine!

Who needs to do stuff like go to Tahiti for a week anyway?


My Friday started out by taking Alexandra, who was dressed as Elmo, to school.

While there, she got to show off her costume, and do something "Elmo like" (like.....a kid dressed as Hannah Montana got up and actually sang a Hannah Montana song). Alexandra got a bit shy and declined to do anything "Elmo like". But everyone clapped for her anyway.

After costume show and tell, she got to decorate a treat bag for later.

There were tons of cute decorations.

And A LOT of yummy treats!

After finishing the yummy treats, Alexandra agreed to put her costume back on (she took it off earlier because it was too itchy) for trick or treating!


After finishing at preschool, Grandma and I went to lunch (at Jimmy Johns! Yum!) and then it was off to Elizabeth's school for her Harvest Festival Party.

*There are a lot fewer pictures of Elizabeth's party......I mostly had pictures with a bunch of kids in them and I don't like to post pictures of other people's kids without the parents knowing.

After the kids came back from music, they got to eat their yummy treats and play a few games.

Elizabeth was "Star Person of the Week" last week.....we made this poster (filled it in) and now it's hanging outside of her classroom in the hall.

After the party was over, Elizabeth and I left and went to pick Alexandra up from Pam's a bit early.

All in all.....a very fun Halloween at school!

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