Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

How was your Halloween?

Ours was great!

We had a witch and a snow princess to go trick-or-treating with.

Both of them were really excited to go out and collect candy, but they were both even more excited because their costumes required MAKEUP!

Dad did Elizabeth's green face, and I did Alexandra's snowy face.

Their costumes were really cute, but they both ended up covered up with winter coats because it was SO cold out! It was cold enough to be able to see your breath. Brrrrrr! And a bit early in the season, I might add.

But.....we were at least happy that it wasn't raining, like it had been all week before.

RUNNING to the first house!

After about 6 houses, Alexandra decided she was done and wanted to go home. So she and I made our way back to our house. Elizabeth and Dad finished the neighborhood with Katie from down the street and Brendan (he was in her preschool class). Katie was a cat and Brendan was a very furry wolf.
At the end of the night, Elizabeth met one of our neighbors and dad got a picture of them:
As usual, a very fun night, and everyone was nice and tired and ready for bed. And even better? Daylight savings was over last night so we all got an entire EXTRA HOUR of sleep!

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