Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexandra!

So.  Today Alexandra turns 4 years old.

Can you believe it?  I really can't.  Just like with Elizabeth, it feels like a few weeks ago that I was bringing her home from the hospital.

But, it was 4 years ago.  So today we celebrated!

(Please excuse some of the pictures.  For some reason I was having issues taking any pictures that were in focus.)

Here's the birthday girl, surrounded by her loot.  Notice the totally thrilled look - just like yesterday.

Here she is, finally looking thrilled!  Yay!

Then, the part I was waiting for:  CAKE! 

Grandma made a yummy pig cake, in honor of her pig party this weekend.

I need to repeat:  it was YUMMY!  I like cake.  A lot. 

The birthday girl with the yummy cake.  She didn't eat any.  She had a piece leftover from school yesterday because it was chocolate and she likes chocolate.

Thsi is a picture of Daddy putting together one of her toys.

I like this (blurry) picture because I think there's something so sweet about his big daddy hand on such a little, girly toy.

Happy Birthday Alexandra!

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