Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Letter For You

Dear Alexandra:

4 years ago today, after 3 long days of labor, you finally arrived into our family.

I knew early on that you were going to give us a run for our money! Only a few days after I found out I was pregnant, you decided to shake things up a bit and give us some scares. After a while, you finally decided that you were ready to settle down and just go along with the program, but then you threw us another curveball when you were ready to be born.

Not content with a boring, regular birth – because that wouldn’t have been dramatic enough – you gave us everything you had, for a very long time. Which ended in a very quickly put together c-section by a doctor who was so short he had to stand on a stool to reach my tummy.

So happy to finally have you home, we were fooled into thinking that the dramatics were over. Little did we know, however, that you would not be happy unless everything was done your way.

You were rolling over when you were 3 months old, and rolling to stuff shortly after that. You were crawling when you were 5 months old, and walking 4 months later. You climbed EVERYTHING and scared the daylights out of us more than once. And best of all – you decided that you didn’t need to sleep. Pretty much ever, unless it was with us, or having us hold you.

Needless to say, because we were just so very tired, you won that war.

You like to do everything for yourself. You like to help, and do grown up things. You like to do whatever your sister tells you not to do. You like to pretend play with your toys. You like to snuggle on the couch. And, you like to rock with us in your rocking chair and have us sing you songs.

You are independent and strong willed.

Now, even though the independent nature and strong will you have can cause us some heartache right now, you will be a kid for a lot less time than you will be a grown up. And really, being independent and strong willed can be pretty useful traits to have when you’re a grown up. So, please don’t change.

Happy Birthday Little Girl. We love you so much!

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Rachel said...

Ahh - you have one of THOSE :) My mother is sorely disappointed that her long-promised revenge did not occur ("someday you will have a child EXACTLY like you") - and I had a mellow but energetic boy.

But being the "strong-willed" type, I can say we usually grow up okay and it's definitely a help :)