Friday, November 6, 2009

Hey Girl! What's UP?

Ring Ring.......Ring Ring.......

The phone rang the other afternoon, so I answered it.

And I was greeted by a small, little girl voice saying, "Hey Girl!  What's UP?".

After wondering "Huh?", I realized, this was not a phone call for me, but for my teenage 7 year old daughter.

I quickly handed the phone to Elizabeth, who wandered off and proceeded to talk on the phone with one of her school friends for about 20 minutes.

You may wonder, as I did, what exactly do 7 year olds talk about on the phone for 20 minutes?  Well, let me tell you:
  • Secret journals:  where you lost them, and then where you then found them.
  • Other kids at school:  what you saw them do at recess a few days ago, and what they said to you on the playground.
  • What you're doing right now:  laying on the couch, getting ready to go to the store with your family.
That's pretty much it.  Fascinating, no?  No?  Really?  Yeah, I guess you're right.

After hearing the "Hey Girl!  What's UP?" on the phone, I became afraid for my future.  Because not only do I have one teenage daughter to look forward to - I have TWO teenage daughters to look forward to!  I think my only saving grace will be that.......

Wait.  I guess there really isn't any saving grace, is there?  Two teenage daughters at one time?  AHHHH!  As Greg reminded me last night:  I was the one who wanted to have two girls.  And just so you all will feel really sorry for me, he also informed me the other night that since we had girl kids, it was going to be MY responsibility to tell them about things like:  Where babies come from.  Puberty.  Etc.  After laughing at him and saying "Oh, whatever!", I thought of a story one of my friends once told me about her family:

"Husband* and Son* were watching animal planet one night when I wasn't home.  Son was about 9.  There was a show on about whales, and a whale was having a baby.  After watching the show, Son asked Husband, "How do babies and whales get in their mommy's tummies?".  Husband answered "I'm not a scientist, you'll have to ask your mother". "

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent

But I digress.  As I was saying, I am afraid for my future.  I mean, I remember how I was when I was a teenager (sorry Mom!), and having to deal with that?  Times TWO?  Whoa.

So I guess for right now, I'll be happy with the small, young, innocent and sweet kids I have.  And hopefully, some of the stuff we're trying to teach them now carries over to later, when their bodies are raging with hormones and they forget how to think and just do. 

And since they're still so small, young, innocent and sweet, I will laugh like crazy in the other room that Elizabeth gets phone calls from kids who say things like "Hey Girl!  What's UP?".

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