Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Feel Like I've Been Here Before.....

Well well well........who is that adorable little girl with the awesome construction paper crown on her head?

That little girl, my friends, is ME.  The day before I turned 4 years old.  Sitting in my preschool classroom at Milwood Cooperative Preschool.

I look THRILLED, don't I?

Well, I should have been thrilled.  Seeing as how, almost exactly 36 years later (yes......I am old.  But don't hold it against me, OK?) I will be standing in the exact same room, celebrating the fact that in one day, my little one will also be turning 4 years old.

As I said, I looked thrilled.

Take a glance below. 

Wonder where she gets that look from.

Ha ha.  Just kidding.  I know exactly where she gets that look from.

Here's one more for your viewing pleasure.  I think it's funny that so many of the kids in my class are  wearing plaid, or some other frightening pattern.

Plus, again, I look thrilled.

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