Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thank You Very Much!

The Daily Dribbles

I found this on another blog out there in internet-land and thought it was pretty darn sweet.  Thank you Kmama.

Why bother with just being annoyed with those who make your life more interesting when you can vent for all the world (or in my case, like 4 of you) to see?

So, Thank you very much....... the bag of Doritos that jumped off of the shelf and into my cart at the store tonight when I went to buy diapers. I really needed to sit on the couch and eat a bunch because really – I’m just too skinny. the insurance lady I talked to on the phone yesterday who, while trying to explain to me why they didn’t have a record of something, said “Well……here’s the catch…..”. Because it’s always good to hear those words while talking about your next year’s worth of health insurance.

...(This one’s for Greg) to the guy who parked his car, got out and walked away, and left the car in the middle of the car pick up line today during Elizabeth’s school dismissal. Because it’s awesome to back up the entire line of traffic for the parents of every single kid in her school sitting in that line. Elizabeth, for coming in our room at 4:00 this morning needing help because all of her covers fell off her bed. Alexandra, for yelling for me at 4:30 this morning needing help because her diaper had leaked and her bed and pajamas were soaking wet.


Now I feel better!

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Kristi said...

Thanks for stopping by and linking up!! I love your Thank You's...they are great.

Very cute girls you have.

I'm from Michigan too. My brother lived in Kalamazoo for quite some time...but I'm a CMU alum. GO CHIPS!