Friday, November 13, 2009

Letters of Intent

Letters of Intent
Happy Friday All!
I am on an internet whirl lately, and have come across another fun internet-y thing. This one I found on Julie’s Blog Foursons. It’s called Letters of Intent. This is where you can write a letter to someone/something/etc. that has annoyed you to no end and tell them/it/etc. how you really feel.

Dear 40 Year Old Body:

So…..we know each other pretty well by now, you know….seeing as how we’ve been together for 40 years and all.

Generally speaking, I don’t really have a lot to complain about. You’ve treated me pretty well, and for the most part, I’ve treated you pretty well too. Well, except for a bunch couple of times in college, but I’m pretty sure you’ve forgiven me for those times, right?

Anyway, things are going pretty well for us. But to be honest: there are a couple of minor things I’d like to bring to your attention. I know I’d want to know if you were thinking little things like this about me, so I’m going to go ahead and let you know what they are. I’d also appreciate it if you would think about them, and if you’re feeling really generous, maybe do something about them. You know….if you feel like it.

I’m going to start at the top and work my way down, just so that we move along in an orderly fashion, if you don’t mind.

• Hair: You know I’ve never really liked my hair – not curly enough and not straight enough – just an annoying amount of both so that I can’t really just let it BE. So, isn’t that enough? Can we slow down with the generation of grey hair? Trust me when I say: it’s not helping.

• Face: As you know, this isn’t a constant issue, but when it’s an issue? Well, it’s an ISSUE. Remember? I am 40 now. I am not 14. So for crying out loud: could you knock it off with the zits?

 • Tummy/Back End areas: I’m sticking these together because if not, it will take up a huge (no pun intended) amount of room. I understand that I need to help you out in these areas and do things like eat right, work out, etc. But you know, just for once, if you’re going to hang onto fat cells and even generate more because I did something stupid like eat my own weight in Doritos one night, couldn’t you put those fat cells somewhere useful? Like into my fingernails (so they’ll grow) or my chest because….well. You know.

 • Right Hand: Now, I know I am right handed, and I expect a little more wear and tear on that side of things. But. The split by my fingernail on that one finger that appears every. single. fall. as soon as we turn the heat on and things get a teeny bit dry? It’s super annoying and it would be totally cool if you could just let it HEAL for crying out loud! And, speaking of that finger: that bump that you’re sporting under the skin, right on the bone that connects that finger to my hand? CUT IT OUT! It hurts, darnit!


Your Owner

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Foursons said...

Thanks for linking up this week! So excited to have you on board!

Your letter cracks me up because I say some of the very same things to my body. The college bit...hahahaha. I ate my weight in Oreos this week and my hubby won't let me forget it. *sigh* He's the one who bought the first bag to begin with and started the cravings so that I was forced to buy a second bag and consume both of them in a very short amount of time. And oh how I long for my waist of yesteryear!