Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Cat (??) Photo Shoot

OK, I will absolutely be the first to admit:  it's totally weird to have a cat photo shoot.  Because if you were to do something as strange as that, people might start to think that you're a weird cat lady who does stuff like leave everything to your cat in your will.  Or treat your cat like a person.  You know:  weird stuff.

But I can assure you:  I am NOT a weird cat lady.  All I am is a person who likes to take pictures, and NO ONE EVER HOLDS STILL FOR ME.

My kids hardly ever allow me to take their picture.  Or if they do....they make crazy faces.  Or sport totally fake smiles.

My cat never lets me take his picture, either.  As soon as I get the camera out and point it at him, he runs up to me, because apparently, me pointing the camera at him is cat code for "come over here so I can pet you".  Which it isn't.  He just thinks it is.

So last night, he was cute-ly laying on the couch (well...not too cute-ly because he leaves a TON of fur behind which means we have to vacuum the couch 4 times a week) and when I got the camera out, he didn't move.  Which meant I took about 50 pictures of him.  A few of which you see below.

Plus, I threw another unrelated one in there just to prove to you (and myself) that I am NOT a wierd cat lady.  I am a nice mom who lets her kid eat chocolate right before bedtime.

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