Friday, January 1, 2010

100, And Other Fun Stuff

Check it out! 

This is the 100th post on my blog!  Who would have thought that I had 100 interesting things to say?  Oh, I know......not each of the posts were actually interesting.  There were one or two that were sort of boring, but that couldn't be helped - my life is not always exciting.  Sometimes it's hard to come up with funny and entertaining things to tell you when all I've done for 24 hours is grocery shop, help kids in the bathroom and referee arguments over webkinz.

But guess what!?  A couple of days ago, I actually got to do something very exciting!  I got to see one of my old friends and her kids for the first time in, oh......almost four years? 

I used to work with Traci.  Then she got married, had a baby and moved away, and then had another baby.  I saw her shortly after she had her first baby and then, not again until today!

We met about 1/2 way between where she was and I am, which just happened to be a big mall.  They have a huge play area (which was PACKED) and the kids ran around that while Traci and I chatted.

Her kids, who are both younger than mine, were super cute, really nice and I think everyone had a good time!  Even Alexandra, who was in the middle of a rockin' cold (can you tell by the fake smile?) did alright.

It was good to see you again Traci!

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