Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Holiday Concert*

*I do have a lot of pictures from tonight's concert, but, most of them have a bunch of other kids besides Elizabeth in them, and rather than feel guilty for publishing photos of other people's kids without their permission, I'm just going to leave them out.

Instead, you will get to see a rare video (it's pretty much impossible to identify anyone in it):

*Not sure if you can see her, but Elizabeth is in the back row, 7 kids from the right.  She's right next to another girl who sways pretty much the entire song, if that helps you find her*

By now, you've probably figured out, we got to go to Elizabeth’s school Holiday concert. I think it may have actually been called a “Christmas” concert, but I like to be the equal opportunity concert type. So I’m referring to it as a “Holiday” concert.

Anyway, Elizabeth has been looking forward to this event for a while now, and last night at bedtime, she said she was pretty sure she wasn’t going to be able to sleep because she was too excited for the concert. Fortunately, she was snoring about 5 minutes later, so those fears were for naught.

So, the concert was for all of the 1st and 2nd graders at her school (about 150 kids), and they got to DRESS UP for it. I’m not sure about your kids, but mine LOVE LOVE LOVE! to dress up, for any occasion. This would have been not a real big deal, except I had pretty much decided this year to not buy Christmas dresses for the girls. I realized the problem with this last week and envisioned my kid being the only one up on the stage not wearing some sort of red/green frilly outfit.

I’m sure you will not be surprised in the least to hear that both girls are now the proud owners of Christmas outfits. Which was no small feat on my part, being that 13 days before Christmas leaves one with few Christmas clothing choices. But, I was successful, as you can see below.

Back to the concert.

I have to say:  1st and 2nd graders are SO CUTE!  They all did a great job and a couple of them even had (very short, thankfully) piano solos.

It was a good night.  Alexandra behaved.  The kids were cute.  Only one baby cried.

And even though this was my view for most of the concert:

I still had a really good time.

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