Friday, December 4, 2009

Letters of Intent

Letters of Intent

Yay!  It's Friday and time for Letters of Intent!  Wanting to get something off your chest?  Wanting to keep yourself from going crazy?  Then Letters of Intent is for YOU!

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Dear Willpower:

Wow, have I missed you! 

We used to be so close.  You used to be so supportive.  I used to be so fond of you.  But now?  Well, I haven't seen or heard from you in a really long time.

Did I do something wrong?  Did I make you mad?  I don't understand!

See, it's really hard to do stuff without you.  Like, resist Doritos.  Or exercise.  Or not sleep in on the weekends when everyone else has gotten up.  Or not type blog entries when I'm supposed to be cleaning the bathroom.  Or resist Doritos.  Oh.  Did I say that already?

So what can I do to get you back?  Sing you a song?  Go to couple's therapy?  Just name your demands and I might will be able to do it.  Anything for you, Willpower.  Because really, life just isn't the same without you.

I can be reached at 555-LAZ-YA$$.


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Foursons said...

Hahaha- when Mr. Willpower shows up can you mention to him that I need a visit too? Seriously. I have had cleaning the bathroom on my To-Do list for a month now. Yuck!

Thanks for linking up!