Friday, December 25, 2009

Letters of Intent

Letters of Intent

Merry Christmas!

This week, rather than "getting it off of my chest", like I usually do, I am going to do a Letters of Intent with a nice tone.

Dear Santa:

Thank you so much for bringing Elizabeth the American Girl Doll Julie that she has been dying for, and for bringing Alexandra the dollhouse she didn't know she wanted, but loved anyway.

In case you didn't know, Elizabeth has been wanting an American Girl Doll ever since this summer, when she realized that two of her friends had them.....and she did not.

After setting her heart on an American Girl Doll, it took her about 6 weeks to decide that instead of a "Just Like Me" American Girl Doll (you with red hair and brown eyes) she wanted a "Julie" doll.  And you know what?  Instead of changing her mind 11 times before the go date, she stuck with it! 

I loved hearing her tell me, in the days leading up to Christmas, that she was "99.5% sure that she was getting an American Girl Doll Julie (yes, she said the whole title every time she talked about it) for Christmas".  I mean, how cute is that?  Especially since I'm pretty sure she's not exactly sure just how much 99.5% is.

And.....seeing her face LIGHT up when she opened the box?  THAT is what Christmas should be about.

And Alexandra......well, the dollhouse was a hit.  It's taller than her and totally awesome.  It's the perfect make believe toy. 

It's OK that you didn't come through with the "real live zebra" or "real live reindeer" that she asked for.  I mean, we don't really have the space for either of those.  And plus, a reindeer would fly over the fence and escape.  Disaster waiting to happen.

Oh.....also, thank you for the letter you sent Elizabeth in the mail.  She's been wavering in her belief this year, and the letter really helped her get on board.  Perfect touch!

So, Santa.  You did well this year.  Thank you for everything.  Have a restful year, and we'll see you next Christmas.

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Foursons said...

Awww! I love this letter! It sounds like you had the PERFECT Christmas in your house and one to be remembered for a very long time. Those American Girl dolls sure are something special. If I had a little girl I'm sure one would have been under the tree.

Thanks for linking up and being my one and only person to link up this week! I think you are getting double asterisks by your name! I'm forever in your debt. :)