Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thank You Very Much......With a Twist

The Daily Dribbles

Usually, Thank You Very Much is reserved for all those annoying people around you and annoying things that happen to you.

But this week, for Christmas, I am going to do a twist on Thank You Very Much.  Instead of complaining, I want to say Thank You, for real!

So, here goes.......

To my husband who tells me I'm beautiful when I ask how I look - without even looking at me, who makes me laugh and who walks through life with me, Thank You Very Much!

To my kids, who are crazy and funny and beautiful and amazing, Thank You Very Much!

To my mom who helps in more ways than she knows, and who I actually like spending time with (you won't hear me complaining about her!), Thank You Very Much!

To everyone else in my family, who I love and enjoy.  Thank You Very Much!

To all 6 of you who come here to read what I have to write, and leave me nice comments, I really appreciate it.  Thank You Very Much!

To my friends, who like me for me, even though they really know me.  Thank You Very Much!

To my job.  I like you a lot, and I am so glad that I have you, especially now, when a lot of other people can't say that.  Thank You Very Much!

To my Life - sometimes you're hard, and sometimes you give me things I don't like, but, my family is healthy, happy and together, which is what really matters.  Thank You Very Much!

Have a blessed and joyous Christmas!


1 comment:

Kelly said...

Ha, to the 6 people that read your blog :)
Your welcome, I enjoy reading it, good topics, I never know what to write about!