Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Buck Eye Balls

Happy Tuesday!

Tonight, Greg and I made buckeye balls.  Elizabeth wasn't interested, since she doesn't like chocolate or peanut butter, but Alexandra was all about them.  Plus, instead of calling them "buckeye balls", she calls them "buck eyeballs", which I find completely hilarious.  Like, they're the eyeballs of someone named Buck.  Ha!

Anyway, here they are:

They're pretty good....although I think the peanut butter/powdered sugar/butter mixture part is the best, since I'm not a huge fan of chocolate either

Alexandra, on the other hand, is a huge fan of chocolate, and she liked them.  A lot.

First bite.............

Pretty good!


On a somewhat related note, after eating a couple of these heart-attack/bottom enlarging treats, I decided that after telling you yesterday that I was thinking of trying to run a 5K, that I had better do something about it.  So, I went to the basement and got myself on the treadmill.  And, get this:  instead of just walking for 30 minutes, I did the "walk 2, run 1....repeat for 30 minutes" method of training.  And I made it!  Well, to be honest, I only did 29.25 minutes; after the first minute of running, when I almost wet my pants (what the hell?), I had to run to the bathroom real quick.

I was niiiiiice and sweaty by the time I was done.  And although I'm sure I didn't undo too much damage, I feel really glad that I did it.

Only problem is.....now it's 10:37 and I am TOTALLY wide awake. 

Oh well.  I can always sleep tomorrow night, right? 


Anonymous said...

Ahhh BUCKEYES!!! My Favorite! Now i must go make some! Glad you enjoyed them.

Momma Pixie said...

YUM! I wish I didn't like chocolate and peanut butter...And so does my butt! Great pictures!