Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Year Down, Another Year Older

So.  I had a doctor's appointment today.  You know - THAT kind of doctor's appointment.  My usual yearly check up.  The one where I am constantly reminded of exactly how old I am getting.

I arrived a bit early and sat in the waiting room, looking at all the other ladies there.  All of the young, pregnant ladies.  I was the oldest person in the waiting room.  OK.  Sort of depressing, but, it is an OB/GYN office after all - what did I expect?

I didn't have to wait for long......and after I got called back, it was to the weighing station.  Boo...hiss.  While I was on the scale, the nurse asked me how tall I was.  I answered "5'3"-ish".  She said "Well, let's measure you, since you're getting to the age where you might start to stoop". 


I stood up nice and tall and found out that I am actually almost 5'4".  Boo Ya!  Take THAT stoop-age!

Then it was back to the exam room.  Oh boy.

I have to interject here - I still see a midwife and I love her.  In between having Elizabeth and Alexandra, the one woman doctor I knew in the office left, and when it was time to have Alexandra, the only women practioners there were midwives.  And after discovering how much more I liked them and finding out they'll still see you, even if you're not pregnant, I stayed.  So anyway, I love my midwife.  And she doesn't get mad at me when I tell her "please don't take offense, but I wish I never had to see you".  So, even though I love her, it's just no fun having to see her.

OK.  I'm in the exam room.  Midwife comes in and does her thing.  And then we chat about old lady things like mammograms, perimenopause and hormones. 

God.  I can't even stand it!  I thought getting gray hairs and having my hip hurt sometimes was bad.  But that other stuff?  Ugh.

But then it was all OK after I picked up my new contacts after work.  And then I met Greg and the girls for dinner and while we were there, Alexandra squished up right next to me and said "I love you Mommy".

Maybe getting old isn't so bad after all?

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Michelle Pixie said...

I have to call mine today to schedule that wonderful appointment! Oh the joys!! ;)