Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day....And Other Stuff

Happy Valentine's Day!

I know it's not for two days, but the way things have been going around here lately, I'd better say it now, while I have a chance.

I had a busy busy week again.  Especially today - I took the day off work so I could:
  1. Go to Alexandra's school Valentine's Day Party
  2. Supervise lunch at Elizabeth's school
  3. Go to Elizabeth's school Valentine's Day Party
Even though it was a vacation day for me, I left the house at the same time as I usually do in the morning (early!) and got home about the same time as I usually do (late!).

But it was worth it.


It's always worth it with treats like this, right?

Oh......we also got to do this:

I don't think she's doing what it looks like she's doing, but.....I could be wrong.  Really though, I think she was being shy, and when she's being shy she sticks her hand up by her face - like that.

Unfortunately, the only other pictures I have have other kids in them, so I won't post them.  But please be assured - Alexandra looks super cute in all of them.

Once I was done at was over to Elizabeth's school.

We had fun there, too.

See that thing on a stick that Elizabeth is holding?

Well......I made a bunch of those for both parties, and boy oh boy.....were they YUMMY!  That is if you like candy, sugar and marshmallows.  Which I do.

Here's what they looked like before the kids got their hands on them:

They were a hit with the big and little kids, and all the moms thought I was awesome for coming up with the idea.  Even though I told them I didn't, because I accidentally found the recipie for them on the internet when I was looking for a recipie for the potluck at work.  But whatever. 

So that was it for the Valentine's Day updates.  I know I said "and other stuff" way up there at the top, but now that I'm down here, I'm not so sure I have anything of interest to tell you about.

We have a busy weekend ahead:  Elizabeth will be doing her first confession tomorrow.....we have a Valentine's Day brunch to go to on Sunday.....and although that's only planned two things, please know that they will both take up much of my time and energy.  Therefore, making my weekend busy.

So, I apologize for the boring-ness of my post, and also, my general lack of posting lately.  I always intend to get something up (because there's usually some sort of amusing thing happening at any given time that I would love to tell you all about), but by the time I have time, I usually end up going to bed.

Man.  Am I OLD!

Oh, speaking of old, I went to the eye doctor on Tuesday and guess what?  I need new contacts.  Mine were warped, which made them a little too large (diameter), which meant they weren't staying in the right spots on my eyes, which meant I was blinking a lot more, which meant they were rubbing in places they weren't supposed to rub,which meant my eyes were getting very irritated.  So, I ordered a new pair, which will hopefully be here soon because I am really tired of wearing my glasses.  Two good pieces of news here though:  I can't remember how old my current lenses even are, so I totally got my money's worth from them, and one of my eyes actually improved a bit.  I asked the doctor why that was and he said "sometimes, when people's vision is as bad as yours, it will actually reach a point that the eye(s) start to go the other way".  I asked him if that meant I wouldn't even need glasses anymore when I was 80.  He looked at me like I was silly, and then said no.

Dang it!

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Michelle Pixie said...

Dang It! We can hope one day we won't need glasses...or maybe we'll just be brave enough for lasik?!

We do those marshmallow treats too! Although I dip mine in white chocolate all around the top and sides and then we do whatever sprinkles we need to celebrate the occasion. I know the teachers love them because they aren't too messy and not so much sugar the kids are all hyped up and unmanageable. ;) has a pretty cool photo website where you can doctor photos and if I have taken photos at school with the kiddos I can blur out classmates and just keep mine in focus so I can still post them…Just a little FYI.

And can I just say omigod! Elizabeth’s hair is phenomenal!! Holy cow is she ever lucky! STUNNING!!