Friday, February 5, 2010

Darn *cough cough** It! has been another, shall we say......interesting week around here.

Alexandra was STILL coughing last night, so we made her another appointment with the doctor today.  I took her in, and lo and behold:  her lungs did not sound any better!  Doctor said:
  • Well, if it was pneumonia, the antibiotic she's been on would have really helped with all the gunk in there.
  • So, you say that your other daughter has asthma.......?
So, Alexandra got her first breathing treatment today.  Which didn't really help a whole lot.  So after that, we were given an Rx for some steriods and a spacer for the inhaler that she needs to do until her cough is gone.

Funny......I feel like I've been here before.....Oh wait!  I have!  It was a couple of years ago when Elizabeth was going through the same thing!  You know - the thing that ended with a daily inhaler, a rescue inhaler, and lots of coughing and throat clearing all the time.  Yeah.  That's it.

Insert good news here:  she needs to use the same rescue inhaler that Elizabeth already has, so the doctor told me just to use that because she needs the same dose.  I didn't have to buy another one (since I have 4 unopened boxes of them right now, due to new mail order Rx insurance that filled everything at the beginning of January....)!  Yay!

Hopefully the steriods and inhaler will help.  If not, we will return to the doctor's office the middle of next week to decide what our next step will be.

Tonight, I will spend my time cleaning the house - something I didn't have time to do last weekend when everyone was sick.  So it's pretty gross around here right now.

Tomorrow, it is back on my healthy eating/treadmill walking/exercising ways (you would be suprised at how hard it is to fit exercise in when all you do is go to work and take care of sick children!).

Have a lovely Friday night!  :)

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