Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Boring Old Post

OK, why is all of my stuff on the sidebar way down at the bottom of my page, where no one looks? 

I am getting really sick of Blogger and it's craziness!

Well, as if you don't hear it enough already:  I have been crazy busy.  What the heck?  Why does it seem to get worse and worse, and never better?

I have not gotten home before 7:00 all week long.  I am So!  Tired!

Monday I went to a meeting of a professional group I am thinking of joining.  Thank God it only meets once a month, and the group meets about 3 miles from my house, otherwise, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to swing it. 

Good thing about this night:  when I got home, the girls were SUPER excited to see me.  Alexandra was so flustered that she just kept saying, "Why were you long so gone?".  How cute is she?

Tuesday Elizabeth and I both had eye doctor appointments.  Mine was easy...just a check of the new contacts.  Hers was pretty easy too, until the picking out new glasses part.

Elizabeth is not the type of person who sees something she likes and then picks it, and doesn't worry about all the other choices that she didn't pick.  Nope.  She has to look at every single thing and wonder about each of them.

I'm not mentinoing any names (cough cough **SELF!** cough cough), but I have no idea where she gets THAT annoying endearing trait from.

After that painful process, we went out for pizza.

And tonight.......I did a bunch of running around with my mom and Greg took the kids ice skating (how awesome is he?).  Then, it was shower, snack and bed in about 20 minutes.

To top all of that busy-ness off, I am also So!  Busy!  at work.  In fact, I should be doing work right now, but here I am, on the internet.

Tomorrow, it's Reading Night at school.  Not sure what that means, except that I'll be going.  And not getting home until late.

Friday night, it's dinner with a friend.

Saturday, it's dinner with another couple.


Oh, I did manage to update my picture a day site.......and this week is a THEME!  Things that move.  Yay!

I should put a picture of myself there - it would certainly fit this week.

Have a happy night.....

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Michelle Pixie said...

I am exhausted just reading! ;) I hope you are able to squeeze in some time for mom and not get too exhausted.