Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hey! And, The Office Is New Tonight.....

Hey!  My sidebar stuff is back.  Whew.

All of those evil thoughts I thought about Blogger worked!  I knew if I thought them hard enough they would.  Nice work, evil thoughts!

And, I had big plans to give a fun update on us tonight, but then I realized that The Office is (finally!) new tonight, and even better, it's a one hour special!  Woot!  I think Pam and Jim have their baby.  Whatever - I'm just glad real TV is on again.

Sorry Olympics.....I just don't like winter that much, and that means I don't like watching people out in the snow.

Anyway, I have a hugely busy weekend coming up:
  • Dinner with Debbie tomorrow
  • Trying to clean the disaster that came with Greg putting in a new sink in the kitchen (clue:  he started at 8:30 this morning.  It's almost 8:30 pm now and it's still not done)
  • Dinner with Keith and Kelly Saturday
  • CCD for Elizabeth on Sunday
  • Recovering from the last 7 days
I will update when I can.  Don't miss me too much - I will be back!

Oh, and welcome back from Florida Aunt Betty.  We missed you :)

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Michelle Pixie said...

Have a GREAT weekend!!